Episode 22 – The Consequence of Kindness

Age of Ashes Episodes

The camp stands empty and scattered. The party sees blood but that is only the beginning.

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GM Chris

I am the GM and Producer and have been declared a monster and it maybe true. My TTRPGs experience extends back to D&D 3.0 from the year 2000 with periodic bursts of GMing. I enjoys digital TCGs, painting miniatures and dream of setting up the party for tragic yet heroic deaths that will emotionally scar the players until their dying days

1 thought on “Episode 22 – The Consequence of Kindness

  1. I am with you on this one Chris – as sad as it was to see the Goblins get killed it made for an emotion charged and memorable session full of angst, anger and a lot of swearing 🙂 A nice twist to the plot and encounter

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