The Characters

“Everything is driven by characters wanting different things, and by those different things colliding. Every moment that one character wants something, and another character wants something mutually exclusive, and they collide—every time that happens, you have a story.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Kazallin “The Korvosan”
Player: Zach
Human, male/ Ranger
Hails from a noble house but was imprisoned for slaying his abusive father. He enjoys the simple pleasure of life having known to upper echelons of society as well as the depths of dark alley gutters.

Stheno Âme du Mal
Player: Shay
Human, female/ Fighter
Daughter of a conservative high ranking noble from the land of Cheliax. She idolizes the large heavy armored Hellknights but also loves small creatures.

Demos “the Bard”
Player: Jules
Human/Half-Elf, male/ Bard
A sly witted runaway, he finds himself ensnared by the rigid and unyielding Stheno. He is known for having soft medicinal hands

Tafaxi “Taffy” Odaxi
Player: Cyd
Gnome, female/ Wizard
Fey blooded and fey touched she finds herself fascinated by this new “hellknight” organization. Bubbly cute, oddly bloodthirsty but ever cheerful Taffy warms your heart even if it takes literal fire.