The Players

Meet out lovely players. They have survived their harrowing journey through Golarion and beyond with out yet killing their GM. Though not for lack of effort on his part.

The GM, Chris. The party has declared him a monster and it maybe true. His TTRPGs experience extends back to D&D 3.0 from the year 2000 with periodic bursts of GMing. Enjoys digital TCGs, painting miniatures and dreams of setting up the party for tragic yet heroic deaths that will emotionally scar the players until their dying days.

Shay (they/them) is a born nerd – clocking their first comic convention at nine days old. They truly forayed into geek hood with anime and comic books and started playing Pathfinder in late 2017, not long after a one session stand with Dungeons and Dragons. They dabble in amateur fashion history, having retired from medieval reenactment at the ripe old age of fifteen, and when not working on or playing tabletop games, they enjoy video games, and horror and fantasy novels.

Jules (they/them) spent high school being the school’s cosplay nerd ruler, and annoying lover of TCG and Neopets. They’re new to TTRPGs, but with a decade and a half history of role play and story writing, mostly in the fanfiction realm. When not rolling dice and hoarding hero points, they like cooing at animals and making obnoxious amounts of jewelry.

Meet Zach. His favorite things are the Super Nintendo, chicken parm, and those little springy things that go on the bottom of doors! He dressed up as Sonic for Halloween when he was four and tried to get his parents to name his little brother Mario! He wants you to know he is a nerd, no really!

Meet Cyd the ‘great’ mind behind Tafaxi Odaxi. You may call her Taffy. She has been gaming in some form or fashion since she was a wee babe and grew up around Mario, slaughtered countless monsters as Link. Now she spends most of her time reading, playing Final Fantasy XIV and playing Pathfinder.